Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions for WebSite-Watcher and Local Website Archive

By default, it's not possible to add new bookmarks from Chrome via the WebSite-Watcher Eye. The feature "Add to WebSite-Watcher" is not able to grab the URL of the currently opened browser tab. To get that feature working, you have to install the Chrome Extension Url in title (Author: Guillaume Ryder) by following these steps:   

Step 1: Open the page Url in title in your Chrome browser, then click "ADD TO CHROME"


Step 2: Click "Add to Chrome"


Step 3: Open the Chrome settings


Step 4: Select "Extensions" on the left side, then click "Options" of the Url-in-tab extension


Step 5: Enter the following text into the "Tab title format" field:
{title} - {protocol}://{hostname}{port}/{path}{args}{hash}


Step 6: Click Save and close that window.

Then WebSite-Watcher will be able to add the currently opened tab from Chrome via the Eye button in the browser caption bar.

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