Add bookmarks directly from your Browser

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A further and comfortable method to add new bookmarks directly from your browser is WebSite-Watcher's browser integration:


WebSite-Watcher button in the title bar of your browser


If WebSite-Watcher is running, then a small button is displayed in the title bar of your browser. Pressing this button pops up a menu from where you can add the currently opened page to WebSite-Watcher. This method works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.


Context menu in your Web-Browser

If the browser integration has been activated in WebSite-Watcher, then you can add the currently opened page via the document's context menu. If WebSite-Watcher isn't actually running, then the context menu entry 'Add to WebSite-Watcher' will start it automatically.


Drag&Drop browser tabs to folder

A quick and comfortable way to insert new bookmarks within WebSite-Watcher is to drag&drop a browser tab from the internal browser to the folder list.

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