Transfer everything from one PC to another PC

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Transfer files manually

Bookmarks are stored in database files with the extension *.wsw, downloaded cache files in the related sub folder *_WSW. If your bookmark file has the filename "bookmarks.wsw", then all downloaded files are stored in the related sub folder "bookmarks_WSW".


To transfer all bookmarks between two PCs, you have to copy that file and cache folder to your second PC with a file manager.


Transferred bookmark files can be opened with File+Open on the second PC.

Transfer via Backup/Restore

WebSite-Watcher has an internal Backup/Restore functionality that can be used to copy or transfer program configurations and/or bookmark databases between PCs.


Steps to copy bookmarks and program configurations from PC1 to PC2:


1.On PC1: Click "Tools + Backup/Restore"
2.On PC1: Select "Backup" and follow the assistant. This will create a single ZIP file, in our example it's named
3.Copy the file from PC1 to PC2
4.On PC2: Click "Tools + Backup/Restore"
5.On PC2: Select "Restore" and follow the assistant. In a further step the assistant asks for the "Backup file", here you have to enter the file from step #2

Transfer via Synchronization

To keep two existing bookmark databases in sync, you can use the Synchronization feature.

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