FTP files and directories

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FTP files and directories

FTP files and directories can be monitored by entering the FTP address into the URL field of a bookmark.


If you want to check a single file, you have use the complete address with path and filename. WebSite-Watcher will check the file by file-date and file-size, no content is transferred.


If you want to monitor a complete folder, the last character of the URL must be a Slash / (without a filename)!

How to check the content of a (text) file

With the checking method "automatic" a file is checked by file-date and file-size. If you want to check it by content (for example a text file), you have to change the checking method from "automatic" to "by content". Then the file is downloaded and handled like a web page.

Password protected FTP files / directories

By default WebSite-Watcher performs an anonymous FTP login. If an FTP server is password protected, you have to enter username and password in the bookmark properties (Advanced + Server Authentication).

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