Table based forums

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WebSite-Watcher supports two different methods to handle web based forums:




Pre-defined Plugins are available for major forums with default layout (such as phpBB, SMF, etc) and can be selected in the bookmark properties or via the browser information bar.




WebSite-Watcher performs various compatibility tests when selecting a Forum-Plugin to ensure that it can be used with the selected bookmark.


WebSite-Watcher supports Forum-Templates for table based forums, especially for topic lists. Such a topic list must contain:


1.A table header
The header tells WebSite-Watcher, where the topic list starts, for example the line:
Topics | Replies | Author | Views | Last Post
2.A "Last Posting" time (per topic)
Each thread/topic must have a last posting time, for example "09:13 AM". It does not work when a forum shows "13 minutes ago" instead of a time.
3.A table footer
The footer tells WebSite-Watcher, where the topic list ends. The footer may contain changing numbers, for example "Mark forum read" or "Page 1 of 13".


If a forum fulfills all these requirements, you can use the Forum-Wizard to create the Forum-Template and  the required filter definitions, no further configuration is required in that case.


1.Create a new bookmark
2.Enter the forum URL
3.Click the "Extras" button and select "Forum Wizard" from the sub menu
4.Follow the steps in the Forum Wizard


See also chapter Forum

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