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Code lines

The syntax of the scripting language is line oriented. That means, that each statement has to be written into a single line without line breaks. Single lines can be wrapped with the characters "(+)". The length of a line is not limited.



MessageBox "This is line number 1\nThis is line number 2"
CreateReport /template="{programdir}examples\report_template_changes.htm" (+)
             /output="c:\report.htm" (+)


Not allowed:

MessageBox "This is line number 1
   This is line number 2"


Comments start with a double slash "//", the rest of the line is ignored. Comments must be in a single line, it's not allowed to put a comment and a script command into the same line.



// Check all Hotsites
CheckBookmarks /hotsites


Not allowed:

CheckBookmarks /hotsites // Check all hotsites

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