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Add documents

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Four different ways to archive documents

1.Archive from Browser
2.Archive from applications by sending keystrokes
3.Archive content from clipboard (PRO Edition)
4.Save a document from any application into a pre-defined folder (in Text or Html format). (PRO Edition)
5.Use a Virtual PDF Printer to save PDF files into a pre-defined folder. (PRO Edition)

How to add new documents

There are several ways how new documents can be added:


1.Start Local Website Archive and press the "Add" button in the toolbar
2.Click the "Add to Local Website Archive" icon in the quick launch bar
3.Use the context menu in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera (Browser integrations can be added in the program configuration)

The "Add to Archive" dialog

First you have to select the application from where a document should be added. Local Website Archive selects automatically the active application (and the method that has been configured in the applications dialog.


If you hold the Ctrl key while pressing the "Add to archive" button, then Local Website Archive adds the document without any further questions.


There are two different methods to save documents and web pages: the internal method (for web browsers only) and a general method (this method sends keystrokes to the target application to save a document).


Method 1: Internal method

The internal method works only with web browsers. Dependently from the used browser, Local Website Archive will load the page in a separate window before it can be archived. Documents can also be archived in background via a Queue.


Method 2: Send keystrokes

This method sends pre-defined keystrokes (which can be configured in the applications dialog) to the selected application to save a document. Local Website Archive generates the filename and sends it to the "Save as" dialog. This method works with many applications, so you're able to archive documents from your email client, news reader, etc.

Other fields

Name, URL: Are normally filled automatically by Local Website Archive.


Archive: Select the archive where the document should be saved.


Folder: Select the folder where the document should be saved.


Note: You can use the following shortcuts within a note:


Ctrl+B ... bold text
Ctrl+I ... italic text
Ctrl+U ... underline text
Ctrl+H ... highlight text