Options - Applications

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The Applications dialog allows you to configure supported applications. If an application is not listed yet, you can add it by creating a new application template (see chapter Add new Applications).


If an application is a web browser, you can choose between the internal method and the keystrokes method to add a document.

Method 1: Internal method

The internal method works only with web browsers. Dependently from the used browser, Local Website Archive will load the page in a separate window before it can be archived.

Method 2: Send keystrokes

This method sends keystrokes to the selected application to save a document. Local Website Archive generates the filename and sends it to the "Save as" dialog. This method works with many applications, so you're able to archive documents from your email client, news reader, etc.


Supported keystrokes:


{F1} ... {F10} ... function keys
{Enter} ... Enter key
{$} ... pause of 0.1 seconds
+ ... SHIFT-key
^ ... CTRL-key
% ... ALT-key
{Alt} ... ALT-key (alternative to %)
( ) ... Surround sequences of characters or key names with parentheses in order to modify them as a group. For example, '+abc' shifts only 'a', while '+(abc)' shifts all three characters.
<FILENAME> ... is automatically replaced with the filename generated by Local Website Archive




Save the document with "File + Save"




This keystroke definition sends the following keystrokes to the selected application:

%f (...for Alt+File)

{$} (...wait 0.1 seconds)

s (...for "Save")

{$} (...wait 0.1 seconds)

<FILENAME> (...enters the generated filename)

{Enter} (...for pressing the Enter key)


Save the document with Ctrl+Shift+S


If an application uses Ctrl+Shift+S for the Save command, the following keystroke definition can be used:



Disable applications

Disabled applications or applications which are not fully configured are not listed in the "Add To Archive" dialog.