Options - General

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Open PDF documents in internal browser: By default, PDF documents are opened in the internal browser of Local Website Archive. If you have crashes when opening PDF in the internal browser, you should disable this option.


Ignore banner when archiving web pages: Local Website Archive doesn't archive banner images with a pre-defined (typical) size when this option is enabled. A list of used banner sizes can be found in the file "killad.ini" (sub directory templates). This file also contains information how to enhance this file.

Internet Explorer Integration

Adds/removes the following items to Internet Explorer:


Toolbar buttons
Menu entries in Tools menu
Menu entry in context menu


In IE based browsers, the context menu entry should be available.

Import from folder

Local Website Archive offers a special way to import and archive Text/Html/PDF documents from a pre-defined folder (eg. C:\LWA). Simply save a document in one of these file formats into that folder, then they will automatically be imported when Local Website Archive is launched.


See also topics Add documents via Save-As and Add documents via Virtual Printer.

Open with

Here you can enter up to 10 external programs which are listed in the toolbar of the internal browser.


Example for an external Editor:


    Title: My Editor

    Path + filename: c:\editors\My Editor\myedit.exe

    Parameter: "%FILE%"


The parameter %FILE% will be replaced with the address of the opened document.