Install on Removable Drive / USB-Stick

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Run the setup package and select "Install as portable application onto your USB-Stick" during the setup wizard. You can then use Local Website Archive on any computer without installing it on that computer.


All configurations and archived documents will be saved in the installation directory and Local Website Archive will not leave any traces on the host computer.

What you should know about the portable version

1.License key / PRO edition

You need a valid license key in order to run the PRO edition of the portable version. There's no trial version of the portable PRO edition available.



When archiving web pages, the portable version will use Internet Explorer Cookies from the host computer.


3.Internal browser

Opening online web pages in the internal browser may write cookies on the host PC.


4.Your actions in the internal browser

Only perform actions in the internal browser of Local Website Archive you would also perform in Internet Explorer on the host PC. Always keep in mind that the internal browser is an embedded Internet Explorer of the host PC.


5.Browser Integration

It's not possible to add browser integration to Internet Explorer