Bookmarks within notes

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(This feature is available in the PRO-Edition only).


You can place different bookmarks within a note and quickly jump to these bookmarks.


Set Bookmarks


There are three quick-bookmarks which can be inserted with Ctrl+Shift+0 / Ctrl+Shift+9 / Ctrl+Shift+8. To jump to these bookmarks, you can use the shortcuts Ctrl+0, Ctrl+9 and Ctrl+8.


Goto Bookmarks


Further bookmarks can be inserted with Ctrl+Shift+M and accessed with Ctrl+M. If you insert a new bookmark, the selected text is used as the bookmark name. If no text is selected, you have to enter the bookmark name manually.


Delete Bookmarks


To delete a bookmark, open the Bookmark list with Ctrl+M, select a bookmark and press the "Delete" button.



A double click on the bookmark list selects the bookmark in the note without closing the bookmark dialog.