Note locations and Network

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(This feature is available in the PRO-Edition only).

Default location

AM-Notebook can open notes from different locations.


The default location which is selected automatically when you start AM-Notebook.

You can see the default note location at: Options + note locations.

Additional note locations

In the Options menu you can define additional locations for notes. Notes can also be stored on a network drive and accessed from different users.


The notes location can be changed via the File menu or via the related toolbar button.


Notes are opened exclusively, that means that if another user has opened a note you cannot open it until he has closed it (for example by opening another note).


Release opened notes for other users in a network when moving AM-Notebook to tray:

If you minimize AM-Notebook (or move it to the system tray), opened notes are closed to make them editable to other users in a network. As soon as you restore AM-Notebook, the notes are re-opened (the restore process takes a bit longer in that case). This option makes only sense for network drives when you share notes with other users, in all other cases this option should not be turned on.