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AM-Notebook has a simple user interface, all important functions are available via toolbar buttons or shortcuts.


Notes can be opened in different tabs. A fast way to open a note in a new tab is pressing the Shift key while you click onto a note in the note list on the left side. Right click a tab to close a note.


A very efficient way to open three of your favorite notes is supported with the shortcuts F12, Ctrl+F12 and Ctrl+Shift+F12. These shortcuts can be configured in the program configuration.


Another quick way to open notes is pressing Ctrl+F5, enter a part of the note name and press Enter.


You can also insert predefined text snippets via shortcuts (Ctrl+1 - Ctrl+5), either a user defined text or the current date.

Note locations and Network

Notes and spreadsheets can also be shared in a network, in the Options menu you can define new locations for notes. The notes location can be changed via the File menu or via the related toolbar button. See also topic Note locations and Network.

Highlight URLs

URLs are highlighted automatically after entering the URL and pressing the space key, the enter key or the tabulator key afterwards. All URLs of a document can also be highlighted with Format + Highlight all URLs.


Highlighted URLs can be opened with Ctrl+Click or via the context menu.

Links to other notes and Hyperlinks

Links to other notes and hyperlinks can be entered with the shortcuts Ctrl+F7 and Ctrl+Shift+F7. These links are highlighted automatically and can be opened with a Ctrl+Click.


You can place different bookmarks within a note and quickly jump to these bookmarks (via Shortcuts). See topic Bookmarks within notes for more information.