Program settings

Program settings

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Daily Auto-Backup

If the Auto-Backup option is enabled, then AM-Notebook will automatically backup all notes (only currently opened note location), todos, configurations, etc. into the specified directory. This feature does not backup notes from other (not opened) note locations.


The Auto-Backup functionality is performed once a day.


The backups can be restored with the integrated Restore functionality (Tools menu).

Automatic URL detection

URLs are highlighted automatically after entering the URL and pressing the space key, the enter key or the tabulator key afterwards. All URLs of a document can also be highlighted with Format + Highlight all URLs.


Highlighted URLs can be opened with Ctrl+Click or via the context menu.


If the option "Double click opens URL" is enabled, then it's not possible to display a message box before the URL is opened.

Favorite notes

You can define three notes in the root folder which can be accessed quickly with the shortcuts F12, Ctrl+F12 and Ctrl+Shift+F12.


It's possible to pre-define different font styles which can be easily applied to a text selection. (menu "Styles + Apply Style" or via the context menu.

Date/Time format

The specified date/time format is used when inserting the date/time with the shortcuts Ctrl+D and Ctrl+T. This date/time format is also used for the variables %date% and %time% which can be used in the user defined strings (see below).

User defined strings

You can specify five user defined strings which can be inserted with the shortcuts Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+5. These strings can contain the %date% and %time% variables and \n for line breaks.