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AM-Notebook provides a simple yet powerful calendar functionality for single or recurring tasks.

How to quickly add tasks in the day/week view?

1.Select the time frame for the new task (click the mouse and move up or down)
2.Right click the selection
3.Select "New" from the context menu
4.This will auto fill the start/end time in the task dialog for the new task

Add new tasks quickly via mouse double click

1.Short tasks (one line):
Double click a line
2.Longer tasks (more lines selected):
Select the start time, then hold the Shift key and double click the end time

How to edit tasks

There are two ways to change existing tasks:


Double click a task to open the task dialog.
Move or re-size an existing task via Drag&Drop.

Select tabs with shortcuts

The tabs can be selected with the shortcuts Alt+1 - Alt+5.

Ctrl+Tab selects the next tab.


The PRO edition also allows you to configure reminders at event start or pre-reminders.