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The TODO list functionality provides an easy way to organize your tasks.


Each task can be assigned to a group. To create a group, simply fill out the group field with a new group name. As soon as all tasks to a specific group are deleted, the group is removed, too.


The priority and the completion fields show the status of your task.


The due date field and the reminder are available in the PRO edition only. Overdue tasks are displayed in red, so you will see them easily.

How to add new tasks

New tasks can be added via the New button or via the Input line.


The Input line provides a quick and easy solution to enter new tasks if you don't need all fields (such as the reminder) for new tasks. The Input line can be selected with Ctrl+I, pressing the Enter key will add a new task with the entered text.


If the cursor is placed in the text field of the input line, you can change the priority with the cursor-up/down keys.

How to edit tasks

There are two methods for editing tasks:


1.Full edit via double click
This will open the tasks dialog.
2.Quick edit via F2
Select a cell and press F2 to edit a field.


A task can be finished by clicking the check box in the list.

Useful shortcuts:


Add new task


Select Input line


Edit task


Edit selected cell


Reload list

Ctrl+Enter or

Alt+Click onto row

Display only rows with the same group / Remove selected group filter


Increase/decrease completion