Using the Assistant

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Clicking the ui01a_wizard button in the main toolbar lets you add new bookmarks via the wizard. In a few steps the wizard helps to choose the best configurations dependent from the page type.


In the first step you have to decide, if a web page can be accessed directly or if the page is placed behind a web based login.


Page can be accessed directly
Simply said, a page can be accessed directly when you can open it in your web browser by just entering the URL (without further actions such a pressing a button or something like that). In that case you can enter the page address into the URL field.
Page is password protected
If a page is password protected and located behind a web based login, then you have to record a Check-Macro. A Check-Macro contains all steps of the login and is executed when you check the bookmark for updates.
Page is the result of a search query
If a page can only be displayed after filling out a form (for example after performing a search query), you have to record a Check-Macro. Technically said, in many cases the result of a search query is displayed using the POST command instead of the GET command, a Check-Macro saves all these steps and POST commands.


After clicking the Next button, WebSite-Watcher performs a check and initializes the bookmark. In the next step you have to choose the page type which is the reference for all further wizard actions to choose the best options and configurations for the bookmark.


1.Click the Wizard button ui01a_wizard in the main toolbar
2.Enter the URL you want to monitor (or create a Check-Macro for password protected pages)
3.Click "Next" to initialize the page
4.Select the page type (if not detected automatically)
5.Follow the next steps