Add bookmarks directly from your Browser

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A further and comfortable method to add new bookmarks directly from your browser is WebSite-Watcher's browser integration:


WebSite-Watcher button in the title bar of your browser


If WebSite-Watcher is running, then a small button is displayed in the title bar of your browser. Pressing this button pops up a menu from where you can add the currently opened page to WebSite-Watcher. This method works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi. It's required to install the appropriate Browser Extensions.


Context menu in Internet Explorer

If the browser integration has been activated in WebSite-Watcher, then you can add the currently opened page via the document's context menu. If WebSite-Watcher isn't actually running, then the context menu entry 'Add to WebSite-Watcher' will start it automatically.


Drag&Drop browser tabs to folder

A quick and comfortable way to insert new bookmarks within WebSite-Watcher is to drag&drop a browser tab from the internal browser to the folder list.