Change properties in multiple bookmarks

Change properties in multiple bookmarks

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WebSite-Watcher offers different ways to change specified properties in multiple bookmarks with a single procedure.

1. Change properties in selected bookmarks

1.In the main window, select the bookmarks you want to change
2.Right click the selection
3.Select "Set properties in all selected bookmarks..."


This will open a window that lets you configure specified bookmark properties. To change a specific configuration, enable the checkbox "Assign" and configure the related feature.


Disable an already configured option


To disable an already configured feature, you have to check the "Assign" box but uncheck the related feature (as shown in the following example):



2. Update similar bookmarks

If you have changed a configuration in the bookmark properties directly and want to apply these changes to other bookmarks, you can check the option "Update similar bookmarks" before you press the "OK" button.




This will display a window that lets you select the target bookmarks and the options you want to copy from the actively opened bookmark.