Changes side bar

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When you open a bookmark in the internal browser of WebSite-Watcher, you can see the changes bar on the left side. This bar shows where changes and keywords are located and makes it easy to scroll to these locations.


The area where changes are located is displayed in yellow. The area before and after that yellow area is displayed in white.


Highlighted changes are only located within the yellow area and displayed in red.


Highlighted keywords within highlighted changes are displayed in blue. The changes bar doesn't show keywords that are placed outside of highlighted changes.


If a page contains highlighted changes that are hidden or cannot be displayed due to CSS definitions, then WebSite-Watcher shows them as small lilac markers. You can then switch to the "Text" tab of the internal browser, this view will always show all highlighted changes.




If the changes side bar contains xxx characters instead the change markers, then it is not possible to extract the correct position of the changes (WebSite-Watcher is dependent from some Internet Explorer functions which sometimes report wrong positions). This is also the case if you use the Check by screenshot  method where it is not possible to extract the position of changes.