Check pages automatically (with AutoWatch)

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Alternatively to manual bookmark checks, WebSite-Watcher supports an automated checking method (called AutoWatch) to monitor bookmarks automatically via predefined time configurations.

How to use AutoWatch

1.Enable AutoWatch for specified bookmarks
2.Start the AutoWatch mode

How to enable AutoWatch for a bookmark

1.Bookmark properties
Open the bookmark properties (by right clicking a bookmark) and select the AutoWatch tab. In that section you can enable AutoWatch and optionally enter additional time restrictions when and how often a bookmark should be checked. To perform that task for multiple bookmarks, right click a bookmark selection and run "Set properties in all selected bookmarks..."


Drag&Drop bookmarks to the AutoWatch folder to enable AutoWatch with the already defined time configurations. This action will not move bookmarks into that folder, just enable the AutoWatch feature.


3.Pre-defined configuration
In the program configuration you can pre-define an AutoWatch configuration for new bookmarks (button "Assign bookmark properties"). This can also be done per folder via the folder properties.


All bookmarks with AutoWatch enabled are listed in the AutoWatch folder.

Starting the AutoWatch mode

Click the AutoWatch button ui01a_autowatch in the main toolbar to start the AutoWatch mode. Bookmarks are only monitored automatically when this button is checked.