Exclude bookmarks from checking

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Bookmarks can be "disabled". Then these bookmarks are stored in the bookmark list but not checked.


Exclude from checking permanently
To disable bookmarks and exclude them permanently from checking, open the Advanced section in the bookmark properties and enable the option "Disable bookmark (Don't check)" under Options.


Exclude from checking temporarily
To exclude bookmarks temporarily from checking (for example for the next 7 days), right click a bookmark selection, then chose "Extras" and "Disable check". Here you can enter for how long a bookmark should not be checked.

How to re-enable disabled bookmarks

Permanently excluded bookmarks
Permanently excluded bookmarks can be re-enabled in the bookmark properties by unchecking the option "Disable bookmark (Don't check)".


Temporarily excluded bookmarks
Temporarily excluded bookmarks can be re-enabled the same way as they were disabled. Right click a bookmark selection, then choose "Extras" and "Disable check". Then just enter "0 minutes" and click OK.