Check pages manually

Check pages manually

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There are various methods how bookmarks can be checked:


1.manually via menu commands or shortcuts
2.automatically with the AutoWatch feature
3.via the integrated scripting language
4.via command line parameters


One of the following methods can be used to check bookmarks manually:

Check all bookmarks in the selected folder

1.Select the folder you want to check
2.Press the "Check" button ui01a_check (or shortcut F9)
(Ctrl+Shift+Click onto a folder will also start the check)

Check all bookmarks

1.Select the folder "All bookmarks"
2.Press the "Check" button ui01a_check (or shortcut F9)

Check selected bookmarks

1.Select the bookmarks you want to check
2.Right click the selection and choose "Check Bookmarks" (or shortcut Ctrl+K)

Check all Hotsites

The shortcut Ctrl+Shift+H selects the folder "Hotsites" and checks all bookmarks in it.


When you start a check, the bookmarks are placed in a check queue and a grey earth ui_earth_queue icon appears in the first column of the bookmark list. If a bookmark is actually checked, a blue globe ui_earth icon is displayed. If the check has finished, the earth symbol will be removed.