Status and error messages

Status- and error messages

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The status column in the bookmark list shows the result of the last check. If there was an error, the status is displayed in blue.

Successful check

If "OK" is displayed, then the check was successful. OK can also be displayed in combination with other information.

Successful check with information

If "OK" is displayed in combination with at least one of the following messages, then the page could be checked correctly.


When a bookmark is checked the first time, it is initialized. WebSite-Watcher downloads the page and collects all data which are necessary to detect updates with each further check.


Warning: Frameset
The checked page has a frameset and WebSite-Watcher must download all frames which are defined in that frameset. It is only a warning and indicates that it would be more efficient when you check only the frame you are interested in (if possible, it does not work with all framesets). This warning can also be turned off in the bookmark properties.


A redirection happens when you enter an address into the URL field of your web browser and it automatically "jumps" to another page address (the address in the URL field will also be changed automatically). If such a redirection happens, this warning message is displayed.


Warning download size
A typical web page has a size between 10 and 100 KB, sometimes even more. If WebSite-Watcher checks and downloads a page with a very large size (for example 1 MB or more), it could be possible that the page redirects to a binary file that would be handled as normal web page then. If the downloaded amount of data is larger than a predefined size (entered in the program configuration), then you get such a warning. Please note that this is only a warning that won't abort the check.


The bookmark was not checked due to some time restrictions in the bookmark properties. You can use "Check Bookmarks (extended)" to check such a bookmark.


The bookmark has been disabled in the bookmark properties. You can use "Check Bookmarks (extended)" to check disabled bookmarks.

Check with errors

If at least one of the following messages is displayed in the status column, then the page could not be checked correctly.


Warning: whole content filtered (please verify your filter settings)
Normally WebSite-Watcher compares the filtered text content of the new version with the filtered text content of the old version of a page. If the whole content is filtered, then WebSite-Watcher has nothing to compare and is not able to detect updates. In such a case this error message is displayed. Open the bookmark properties and verify/change your filter definitions to fix that problem. With the feature "Test filter" you can see the filtered content that is used to detect updates.
Related topic: What are filter settings (Overview).


Redirection via HTML commands not followed
HTML redirections are supported, but not enabled by default. If that message is displayed, you can try to change the bookmark URL to the address of the redirected page, or you enable HTML redirections in the bookmark properties. In rare circumstances HTML redirections are required, for example when a permanent URL redirects to an URL that contains a daily date or a session id.


Page not available?
The page was not available when it was checked. The question mark indicates that it is not ensured that it is a permanent error. You have to verify and  decide yourself if if the page was temporarily not available or if the page was completely removed.


Access forbidden?
If you receive this error message, then a page is usually protected via Server Authentication and you need username and password to access the page.  Username/password can be entered in the bookmark properties, see also chapter Server Authentication.


The page could not be checked within the defined time frame. This can for example happen when a page is temporarily not available or when you check a very large page that cannot be transferred within the given time. The timeout value can be changed in the program configuration or individually for each bookmark in the bookmark properties.


Error downloading page
The page is available but could not be downloaded or the download was truncated. This is mostly a temporary server problem and this issue should be resolved automatically when you re-check a bookmark at a later time.


Error: Page or file not found
The page was not available for an unknown reason. For example due to server problems, problems of your internet service provider, etc.