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The Auto-Filter feature is a self learning filter system and provides an easy and comfortable way to automatically create a set of Ignore filters based on highlighted changes.

When can the Auto-Filter system be used?

You should only call this filter when you get a false positive, for example caused by a changing date, a changing visitor counter, etc. Don't call this feature when a page contains any other highlighted news or changes.


Use the Auto-Filter system if you have changes like:

Today is May 29th, 2006 - 13:41:56 am


You are visitor number 8,736


Comments (7), Trackback (3)


Don't use the Auto-Filter system if you have changes like:


WebSite-Watcher 4.10 has been released.

This major update introduces often requested Unicode support,

many improvements to the user interface and lots of new features.



AM-Notebook 4.0 has been released.

This major update comes with many new formatting features,

table support, formula based spreadsheets.


How to create an Auto-Filter?

Auto-Filters can be created directly in the internal browser by clicking the Auto-Filter button filter-auto5. This button can be found in the Page submenu of the browser toolbar (or directly in the toolbar if configured).




Alternatively you can open the Filter-Assistant in the bookmark properties, select the Auto-Filter tab and click the button "Create Auto-Filter (Ignore highlighted changes)".

The learning process

After clicking the Auto-Filter button filter-auto5, WebSite-Watcher displays the following dialog that shows the number of learned changes and the number of learned filters:




Sometimes a filter can be created right after calling the Auto-Filter feature. In other cases, changes are only learned and a filter might be created after a few more learning processes. It's dependent from the type of a change if and when a filter can be created. Under certain circumstances, WebSite-Watcher is unable to create an Auto-Filter.

Auto-Filter cannot be created

If WebSite-Watcher isn't able to create a filter automatically, you have to use the Filter Assistant to create a filter manually. Manually defined filters have more priority and are executed before Auto-Filters.


Automatically created filters are deleted automatically when they are no longer be used. There's no need to maintain these kind of filters manually.