Highlight changed images in a page

Highlight changed images in a page

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WebSite-Watcher can optionally paint borders around changed images.

How are changed images detected?

It's dependent from the image configuration if WebSite-Watcher is able to paint a border around changed images. WebSite-Watcher supports three different configurations to download and display images:


1.Download all images (recommended)

If an update is detected, WebSite-Watcher downloads all images to your hard disk. With that option WebSite-Watcher uses the image content to detect if an image has been changed. This is the most reliable method to put highlight-borders around changed images.


2.Use absolute image addresses (not recommended)

With that setting, WebSite-Watcher downloads only the web page and loads images from the server as soon as you open the page in your browser. If you use that method, WebSite-Watcher will use the image filename to detect new or changed images.


3.Display grey boxes instead of images (not supported)

This is the fastest method to check and open pages, but you will see grey boxes instead of images. With that option it is not possible to highlight changed images.


Please note that a web page is only marked as updated when a text change has been detected, and not when only an image has been changed!


If you want to watch a concrete image, you can put the image address into the URL field of a bookmark.


1.Open the bookmark properties
2.Select the Advanced tab
3.Select "Images" on the left side
4.Enable the option "Download all images"
5.Select "Highlight changes" on the left side
6.Enable the option "Highlight images"


See also topic Image configuration