Highlight methods

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When an update is detected, WebSite-Watcher highlights all text changes in the page. WebSite-Watcher supports different methods how text will be highlighted:



The standard method is a general purpose method that should work with nearly all types of pages. It has been designed to ignore modifications in the page structure (for example when content is moved to another place) and works very well for news pages. It is a general purpose method while the other methods are optimized for special situations or page types.


Table based (highlight whole, changed rows)

You can use this highlight method if you want to highlight whole table rows when at least the content of one cell has been changed. To prevent highlighting of a row when only columns with numbers have been changed, you can select the option "Cells with a changed number don't highlight the whole line".



The exact method uses a more detailed analysis to detect changes. It may work well with pages where only some details are updated, for example single numbers within a table. It's dependent from the page if that method works better than the Standard method.


1.Open the bookmark properties
2.Select the Advanced tab
3.Select "Highlight changes" on the left side
4.Enter the highlight configuration