Monitor a whole site (Follow Links)

Monitor a whole site (Follow Links)

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By default, you have to create a separate bookmark for each page you want to monitor.


If a whole site instead of single pages should be monitored, you can use the Follow Links functionality. This feature will automatically insert all links of a page as new bookmarks. With several options you can specify how many or which links should be inserted as new bookmarks, for example the link depth.


The Follow Links requires a Master-Bookmark that is the root for all other automatically inserted child bookmarks. Master bookmarks displays the image follow_links before the bookmark name and are usually sorted before all other bookmarks.


For all child bookmarks the Follow Links configuration is disabled. Changes to the Follow Links configuration can only be made in master bookmarks.


1.Create a new folder (it's recommended to put each Master-Bookmark into a separate folder)
2.Create a new bookmark and enter the URL
3.Select the "Advanced" tab
4.Select "Follow Links" on the left side
5.Enable the "Follow-Links" option and enter the configuration