Monitor pages for specified words (keywords)

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To only get an update notification when specified keywords are available within new or changed page content, you have to use the "Update on keywords" feature in the bookmark properties. To highlight specified keywords, you have to use the feature "Highlight keywords". Both features work independently. If you want to highlight the same keywords you're looking for, then you have to enter the keywords twice or use the option "Use same keywords as above".


1.Open bookmark properties
2.Select the "Keywords" tab
3.Enter the keywords in "Highlight keywords" and/or "Update on keywords". Enter one word/phrase/regex per line.





Keywords are only highlighted in the version with highlighted changes, not within the new/old version of a page.


If you use the "Update on keywords" feature, then the new version will only be saved when at least one of the entered keywords is found within changed content.


Regular expressions must be defined with regex() or regexcmp(), for example: regex(WebSite.Watcher)


Different keywords can also be highlighted with different colors, just add #COLORNAME on the right side of the keyword. Supported color names are: red, green, olive, lime, teal, blue, aqua, magenta, orange


website #blue

watcher #red


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