Download Manager

Download Manager

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WebSite-Watcher includes an integrated download manager that can be used to automatically download RSS feed enclosures. Supported download protocols are HTTP and HTTPS.

How to download files

1.Download RSS feed enclosures
RSS feed enclosures can automatically be downloaded when an RSS feed has been changed. This option can be enabled in the bookmark properties ("Advanced" section). By default, WebSite-Watcher downloads mp3 and wav files, these extensions can be changed or enhanced in the program configuration ("Advanced" section).
2.Add a URL manually
A download URL can also be added manually by starting the download manager and clicking the "Add Download" button. In WebSite-Watcher, the download manager can be started via the Tools menu.
3.Download within Plugins
The Plugin system supports the command DownloadFile to add a download URL to the download manager. That means that you can extract a specific URL from a page and download it with the download manager.

Where are downloaded files stored?

By default, WebSite-Watcher saves the downloaded files to the following folder:




c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\aignes\WebSite-Watcher\config\downloads\

Automatically delete files after X days

The download manager keeps all downloaded files for a pre-defined number of days, then they are automatically deleted from the list and from your hard disk. Right clicking a file (or file selection) lets you copy or move all selected files to another folder. You can also automatically copy downloaded files to another location based on configured rules (see program configuration within the Download Manager).


Downloaded files will only be deleted from the default download folder. If downloaded files were copied/moved to another location (manually or automatically with the "Copy To" feature), then these copies will of course remain.