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The File menu contains all related commands for creating, opening and maintaining bookmark files (databases). A bookmark database has the file extension *.wsw and contains all folders, bookmarks and configurations. Cache files are saved in the related *_WSW folder.


The menu "Database" contains all commands to maintain, optimize or repair a database. You only have to run these commands when experiencing problems with your database, such as crashes, performance problems etc.


If your database is damaged, then running the "Repair database" command tries to restore as many data as possible. If you have a working and up to date backup file, then you should restore that backup instead.


A further alternative to repair a damaged database is to use "Re-create database from cache folder". This command rebuilds the entire database from files that are available in the cache folder. You should use this command as last alternative if the command "Repair database" fails and if you don't have a working and up to date backup file.


This menu contains all commands for managing bookmarks.


The commands "Find" and "Find next" let you search for text in all bookmark configurations of the selected folder. If you want to search for text in checked web pages, you have to use the Extended Search feature.


With the "Replace" feature you're able to change text within selected bookmark configurations.


This menu contains all commands to check web pages.


The command "Check HotSites" selects and checks all bookmarks in the "HotSites" folder. The command "Check selected bookmarks (extended)" gives you more options which bookmarks should be checked, for example to ignore entered time configurations.


The Tools menu contains several helper tools, for example to import/export bookmarks from/to various formats, synchronize databases via Cloud, search for text in monitored web pages, etc.


WebSite-Watcher includes a simple internal scripting language that lets you automate many things and user interactions. For example to check your bookmarks, send a generated report by e-mail and repeat the whole procedure after a specified time.


This menu contains all WebSite-Watcher options and configurations.


This menu contains commands to show/hide main window elements, bookmark statistics, log files, etc.


Help topics and of course the About box.