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What is MiniBrowser?

MiniBrowser is an integrated tool with the following purpose:


Record Check-Macros to monitor password protected pages
Determine cookies for a page
Determine data for the POST command


MiniBrowser is placed in the Tools menu, but it can also be accessed from various places in the bookmark properties, for example to record a Check-Macro.

Option "Use Internet Explorer directly"

By default, MiniBrowser downloads the entered URL with the same internal method that is also used to check web pages. If a page cannot be displayed with that method, you can enable the option "Use Internet Explorer to access websites". Then MiniBrowser uses an embedded Internet Explorer to download and display pages with all Internet Explorer settings and features.

Server Authentication

If a server requires Server Authentication to access a web page, you have to enter the fields "Username" and "Password". Server Authentication is a special method to protect pages from public access. You can identify that type of login, when a small dialog pops up where you have to enter username and password.

See also topic Server Authentication


Check-Macros are used by WebSite-Watcher to check password protected pages. A Check-Macro can be created interactively with MiniBrowser that records all your steps when you login and surf to the page you want to monitor. WebSite-Watcher performs all these steps when a bookmark is checked for updates.

See also topic Web based logins / Check-Macros