Install on Removable Drive / USB-Stick

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Run the WebSite-Watcher setup and select "Install as portable application onto your USB-Stick" during the setup assistant. You can then use WebSite-Watcher on any computer without installing it onto that computer.


All configurations and bookmarks will be saved in the installation directory and WebSite-Watcher will not leave any traces on the host computer.

What you should know about the portable version:

1.License key

If you run the portable version of WebSite-Watcher on an USB stick, then there is no trial period available and you need a valid license key. If you install the portable version onto a hard disk, then you can also run it in trial mode.



The portable version uses Internet Explorer Cookies from the host computer. If you don't want to use cookies from the host PC, you have the following options:

Disable "Internet Explorer Cookies" in the bookmark properties
Don't use the check technology "Internet Explorer/Browser"
Don't record and execute "Internet Explorer Macros"
Don't open online web pages in the internal browser (you can however open checked, locally saved pages)


3.Internal browser

Opening online web pages in the internal browser may write cookies on the host PC. You can disable the internal browser in the program configuration, then bookmarks will be opened in the default browser. Alternatively you can configure a user defined browser in the program configuration, for example a portable Firefox.


4.Your actions in the internal browser

Only perform actions in the internal browser of WebSite-Watcher which you would also perform in Internet Explorer on the host PC. Always keep in mind that the internal browser is an embedded Internet Explorer of the host PC.


5.Browser Integration

It's not possible to add browser integration to web browsers. The WebSite-Watcher eye in the browser title bar will however work when WebSite-Watcher is running and a Browser Extension is installed.