Symbols in bookmark list

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Each bookmark can have one or more of the following icons:



Each bookmark can be assigned a small flag. Main purpose is to have a simple marker that helps to easily see important bookmarks at first glance. There are also some other functionalities based on these flags, for example the "Don't auto-delete bookmarks with flags" in the folder properties. You can assign a flag with a double click onto the first bookmark column or via the context menu where flags with more colors are available.


This icon appears when notes have been entered in the bookmark properties. A double click onto that icon jumps into a separate "Notes" dialog without having to open the bookmark properties.


Each bookmark can be marked as a HotSite. All bookmarks with that flag are listed in the "HotSites" folder.


Bookmark is a Master-Bookmark (that means that the Follow-Links feature is enabled in the bookmark properties).


Bookmark is a "child" of a master bookmark and was inserted automatically via the Follow-Links feature.


Bookmark is queued for checking.


An error occurred during the bookmark-check, the bookmark was re-queued for a second check


Bookmark is currently checked


An error occurred during the bookmark-check, the bookmark is currently checked the second time