Add Newsgroups

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Select the server

In a first step you have to select a newsserver from the drop-down box. If no newsserver is listed, then click the "News-Server..." button to add and configure a server.


If you haven't already downloaded the available newsgroups for the selected server, then the list will be downloaded automatically. Downloading the available newsgroups can take up to several minutes. Usually you can let the option "Download available newsgroups" unchecked, re-downloading the list is only required if you are looking for new newsgroups on the server.

Subscribe to groups

After pressing the "Next" button you will see all available newsgroups of the selected server. Click the checkbox in the left column to subscribe to one or more newsgroups. To search for specific groups, you can enter one or more search terms into the search field. For example "music rock" (without quotes) to list only newsgroups which contain "music" and "rock", eg. the newsgroup


After you have subscribed to newsgroups, you are asked in a last step if you want to download newsgroup bodies immediately. Otherwise only the headers (author and subject) are monitored and bodies (article content) will be downloaded on demand.

When should I use the option "Download Newsgroup Bodies"?

You should only download message bodies immediately if you want to monitor the article text for entered keywords. In all other cases it doesn't make really sense since the check takes longer and more data must be downloaded. Using that option means that you also download bodies for postings you aren't interested in.


If you only want to monitor a newsgroup for new postings and replies, then you should not use the "download bodies" option. The check is faster then and bodies are downloaded automatically when you open an article.