Internal Tabbed Browser

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When you start WebSite-Watcher, the internal browser is closed by default and automatically opened as soon as you open a bookmark. The internal browser is an embedded Internet Explorer, you can open checked bookmarks as well as online web pages.


WebSite-Watcher will always use the first browser tab to display changed bookmarks. Links can be opened in additional browser tabs.

Open pages in new browser tabs

Pages will be opened in new browser tabs when:


Holding the Shift key pressed while clicking a link
Via the context menu when right-clicking a link
Holding the Shift key pressed while clicking on one of the following buttons:
Opening a new empty browser tab with the shortcut Ctrl+T


New browser tabs can optionally be opened in foreground or in background. This behavior can be changed in the program configuration ("Internal Browser" tab) or quickly by right clicking a browser tab.


If Ctrl+Shift is pressed while clicking a link, then the new tab will be opened in foreground if the option "Open new tabs in background" is enabled and vice versa.

Close opened browser tabs

Opened browser tabs can be closed with:


Right clicking a browser tab
Using the shortcut Ctrl+W
All read browser tabs can be closed with Ctrl+Shift+W

Open in external web browser

The button ui01b_openextern opens the currently opened page in your web browser.


If you hold Ctrl+Alt pressed while clicking onto a link or one of the buttons ui01b_onlineversionui01b_newversionui01b_oldversionui01b_highlightchangesui01b_tile, then the page will also be opened in your external default web browser.