Check by screenshot

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If a page contains content that cannot be monitored with all the available options (eg. content that is displayed with Java), you can try to use the feature "Check by screenshot".


This checking method opens a page in a hidden Internet Explorer window, makes a screenshot and saves it as PNG file. When you open the bookmark, you will see this screenshot that will be used to detect updates. WebSite-Watcher is also able to highlight changes in the saved screenshot.




You can optionally define a custom window size and/or the region you want to capture. By default, WebSite-Watcher uses a window width of 1024 pixels and calculates the height automatically.


Many options will of course not work with that method, but you have an additional "chance" to monitor content that would be untrackable otherwise.


1.Open bookmark properties
2.Select the tab "Check"
3.Select the technology "Screenshot"