Local files and folders

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WebSite-Watcher is able to monitor local files and folders by entering the absolute path into the URL field of a bookmark, for example "c:\docs\judo.doc" or "d:\docs\".

Monitor a directory with subdirectories

If you want to check a folder with all files and subfolders, you have to use the Follow-Links feature. It's recommended to start with link depth 1 and increase that value if needed.

Directories and the modified-date

If a file in a directory is changed, then the date of that directory is also changed. This will probably give you redundant update notifications that can be avoided as follows:


1.Create an appropriate filter
Create an appropriate filter by using the Filter-Assistant.


2.Use the folder creation-date instead of the modified-date
Alternatively to the default behavior you can display the creation-date instead of the modified-date by entering the following line to the Tweaks section of the program configuration: