Alert if keywords are NOT found

Alert if keywords are NOT found

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The Update-On-Keywords feature in the bookmark properties only alerts an update if one of the entered keywords is found within new or changed content.


If you want to get an update notification when a keyword is NOT found in new/changed content, you can use the following plugin.


Sub Wsw_CheckKeywords(Handle, sMemChanges, ByRef sStatusMessage, ByRef iKeywordFound)


   Dim s = LCase(sMemChanges)


   If InStr(s, "your keyword") > 0 Then

      ' keyword found

      iKeywordFound = 0

      sStatusMessage = "No alert because keyword found"



      ' keyword NOT found

      iKeywordFound = 1

      sStatusMessage = "Alert because keyword NOT found"

   End If


End Sub


For a negative keyword search you should not use any keywords in the Update-On-Keywords section. Please read topic Wsw_CheckKeywords to see under which circumstances this event function is called or not called.