SUB statement

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Sub name [ (parameterlist) ]

   [ statements ]

   [ Exit Sub ]

   [ Return ]

   [ statements ]

End Sub


Declares the name, parameters and code that define a Sub procedure.


The parameter list contains one or more variables separated by a comma, the datatype must not be declared. Parameters by reference must be declared by using the BYREF directive.


You can use "Return" or "Exit Sub" statement to exit a sub.


Use a FUNCTION statement when you need to return a value to the calling code. Use a SUB procedure when you do not need to return a value.



Sub ComputeTotalPixels(length, width, ByRef total)


   ' -1 indicates an error

   total = -1


   ' exit immediately if length or width is zero

   If (length = 0) Or (width = 0) Then

      Exit Sub

   End If


   total = length * width

End Sub