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Sub Wsw_ActionsOnUpdate(Handle, iUpdateStatus, ByRef sStatusMessage, ByRef iStatusCode)


This function is called to perform actions after an update, initialization or an error.


This function is only called when the "Alert/Actions on initialization/update/error" feature in the bookmark properties is configured.


This event function is called after all other bookmark actions (which are defined in the bookmark properties) are executed.




Handle ... Bookmark handle.
iUpdateStatus ... Integer value. Indicates if an initialization, update or error occurred.
sStatusMessage ... String expression. Status message that will be displayed in the status column. Default value is an empty string.
iStatusCode ... Integer value. Indicates if actions could be performed or if an error has occurred. Default value is 0.


Valid values of iUpdateStatus:

1 ...

Bookmark has been initialized

2 ...

Bookmark has been updated

3 ...

Error happened while checking the bookmark


Valid values of iStatusCode:

0 ...

OK, actions could be performed.

Default value, must not be assigned manually.

1 ...


Should be returned if actions could not be performed, the bookmark check will however not be aborted. The status code is currently only written to the bookmark log file and doesn't affect the bookmark check.



Sub Wsw_ActionsOnUpdate(Handle, iUpdateStatus, ByRef sStatusMessage, ByRef iStatusCode)


   Dim sMem


   If iUpdateStatus = 2 Then

      sMem = Bookmark_LoadCacheFile(Handle, 1)

      StringToFile("c:\data\changed.htm", sMem)

   End If

End Sub