Event functions

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The Basic script of a Plugin must contain one or more Event functions which are called from WebSite-Watcher at appropriate times. All Event functions start with "Wsw_"



This function is called when a user selects a Plugin. This function can test if all conditions are met (for example the existence of an external converter) and cancel the selection if required.



This function is called before a bookmark check is started. You can use this function to change some bookmark properties before the check is started.



This function is called during a bookmark check and offers a way to merge different pages to a single page.



This function is called immediately after a page has been downloaded and before any other processing starts. This function can be used to modify the page source or even to convert it into another format.



This function is called to compare the web version of a page with the locally saved version. You can filter the content and decide when a bookmark should alert an update, for example when a specific price in the web version is lower than in the locally saved version.



This function is called when WebSite-Watcher looks for keywords. It can be used for advanced keyword processing with logical operators.



This function is called to perform actions after an update, initialization or an error.



This function is called after a bookmark has been checked.