Shared/Private Plugins

Shared/Private Plugins

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Plugin types

WebSite-Watcher supports two types of Plugins:


Private Plugins
Private Plugins are created and stored per bookmark and cannot be shared between bookmarks.


Shared Plugins
Shared Plugins are stored in separate files and can be shared between multiple bookmarks.


Both Plugin types use the same programming language and have the same set of features, only the way how they are stored is different.

Identification of Shared Plugins

While Private Plugins are stored per bookmark, Shared Plugins require an identification mechanism to test if they are compatible with specific bookmarks.


For each Shared Plugin, concrete and unique identification strings of the HTML source must be entered to make them compatible with specific pages. These identification strings can be entered in the "Identification" tab of Plugin IDE.

Automatic suggestion of Shared Plugins

During a bookmark check, WebSite-Watcher tests (based on the identification strings) if a Shared Plugin is compatible with a page. If a compatible Plugin was found and you open the page in the internal browser, the browser information information bar is displayed.




Clicking onto that information bar lets you open the Plugin list to select a compatible Plugin.