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CreateReport /template="..." /output="..." /bookmarks=all|changed


Creates a report with the specified parameters.



defines the report template (full path and file name).



defines the target file into which the report should be saved (full path and file name).


In the parameters /template and /output you can use the variables {programdir} and {bookmarkdir} which will be replaced with the appropriate directory names. {programdir} is the installation directory of WebSite-Watcher, {bookmarkdir} is the directory of the currently opened bookmark file (*.wsw). Both variables contain a trailing backslash. See also Predefined variables.



specifies which bookmarks should be added to the report.

all ... all bookmarks

changed ... all changed bookmarks from the last check run

unread ... all changed/unread bookmarks that are displayed in red/bold

selected ... all bookmarks that are currently selected in the main window



creates a report for the specified folder. Folders and sub folders must be separated with a backslash.

eg. /folder="Software\WSW"



includes all sub folders. Can only be used in combination with the parameter /folder="..."



CreateReport /template="{bookmarkdir}changes.htm" (+)
             /output="e:\report.htm" (+)