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SendBookmarks /bookmarks=changed|unread /textformat /attach=changes 


Sends e-mails for specified bookmarks (one e-mail per bookmark). This command uses the same program configuration (sender, recipient, variables, etc.) as it is used for the bookmark action Send e-mail.





specifies which bookmarks should be sent.

changed ... all changed bookmarks from the last check run

unread ... all changed/unread bookmarks that are displayed in red/bold


by default, this command sends e-mails in HTML format with the checked page and highlighted changes as content. If this parameter is specified, e-mails will be sent in text format. For subject and body, the Send e-mail program configuration will be used.


this parameter works only in combination with /textformat and attaches the version with highlighted changes to the e-mail.



// Send e-mail for all unread bookmarks in text format
SendBookmarks /bookmarks=unread /textformat