Silent Install/Uninstall

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The WebSite-Watcher setup program accepts optional command line parameters to perform silent installations.

Silent Install



wswsetup.exe /SILENT /DIR="x:\dirname"




Instructs the setup to be silent, no user interaction will be required. Only the installation progress window will be displayed, also error messages during the installation.


Defines the default setup directory (which is usually displayed on the Select Destination Location wizard page). A fully qualified pathname must be specified.


By default, the setup will install the 64bit version of WebSite-Watcher on 64 bit systems, and the 32bit version on 32bit systems. If that command line parameter is set, the setup will install the 32bit version on 64bit systems.

Silent Uninstall



unins000.exe /SILENT /REMOVEDATA




When specified, the uninstaller will not ask the user for startup confirmation or display a message stating that uninstall is complete. Critical error messages will however be displayed.


When specified, the uninstaller will also remove the WebSite-Watcher configuration and the bookmark database (if stored in the default bookmark folder).