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When an update is detected, WebSite-Watcher can optionally perform additional tasks.

Play sound

Enter a sound file in WAV format that should be played when an update is detected.

Open page

When a page has been updated, you can automatically open it in the internal or an external browser. This feature is only useful for single pages (not for all pages in the list).

Send e-mail

The "Send e-mail" feature gives you the possibility to send e-mails to one or more recipients. WebSite-Watcher will send a separate e-mail for each changed bookmark.


Ignore document CSS definitions
By default, WebSite-Watcher sends e-mails in HTML format with all CSS definitions that are defined for the page. This option removes all CSS definitions from the document. Use this option if your e-mail client has problems displaying the page with CSS definitions.


E-Mail Template
Lets you assign a customized e-mail template (optional). If assigned, then the template configuration will override the global e-mail configuration and can be used to send e-mails with an alternative "From" e-mail or an alternative body.


Send before other e-mails
The option "Send before other e-mails" will insert an e-mail to the top of the outbox. So these e-mails have higher priority in the outbox and will be sent before e-mails without that flag. Use this option only for single (critical) bookmarks, not for most or all bookmarks.


See also:

Send e-mails when changes are detected

Export page

The export feature saves the updated page (new version without highlighted changes) to a specified filename.


Variables in the filename:


Bookmark ID


Current date/time with format yyyy-mm-dd (ms)


Info field #1


Info field #2


Info field #3

<$date$, 'format'>

Date-Variable as described in topic Date variables



Website, only HTML

WebSite-Watcher exports the page without CSS and image files.

Website, complete

WebSite-Watcher can automatically export related CSS and image files to the sub folder with the extension ".files". If the export filename is "test.htm", then exported CSS/image files are stored in the sub folder"test.files". WebSite-Watcher doesn't automatically remove outdated files from that folder when you re-export bookmarks to the same filename.


Optionally you can strip all HTML tags, then the HTML page will be saved as text file.

Run program

This action can start a program with the following variables as parameter:



new version of the downloaded page


version with highlighted changes


old version of the downloaded page


URL of the bookmark


PostData field of the bookmark


Info field #1


Info field #2


Info field #3


If more than one program should be executed, you can create a DOS-Batch file and start these programs via the batch file.

Local Website Archive

This action exports a page to the tool Local Website Archive. Local Website Archive must be installed separately and can archive web pages and documents permanently for future reference. More information about Local Website Archive can be found at


See also topic Using Local Website Archive

Mark as Read

If you don't open bookmarks within WebSite-Watcher (eg. when reading changed bookmarks only in your e-mail client), then you should also enable the Mark-As-Read action. Otherwise the old version will not be replaced with the new version and you will always see all changes between the (not updated) old version and the new version from the web.

Starting with WebSite-Watcher 2017, the Mark-as-Read action is no longer required for the actions "Send e-mail" and "Open bookmark".