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Alert/Actions on


With the "Alert/Actions on" option you can define when an update notification and bookmark actions (eg. "Send e-mail") should be performed. Default value is "Alert-On-Changes", that means that you get only update notifications when a page is changed.


See also "Alert with the first initialization of a page" and global error handling in the program configuration.

Technology to check web pages


This is the default method to check pages. You should only try alternative methods if this method fails.


Internet Explorer / Browser

You should use this method only, if WebSite-Watcher cannot check a page with the default technology, for example when a web page can only be displayed with Javascript.

By default, WebSite-Watcher filters all Javascript content from a page and works only with the static, textual content. This technology opens the page in a hidden Internet Explorer window and converts the "dynamic Javascript content" to a static, textual content that can be used and processed by WebSite-Watcher.


Delay after page has loaded (in seconds):

This option must be used for pages which change the content dynamically after the page has loaded. For example when it takes a few seconds until the final content is displayed.


Follow Javascript redirections:

If WebSite-Watcher cannot follow Javascript redirections automatically, then you can enable this option to allow an advanced method to follow these kind of redirections. This option should only be enabled if WebSite-Watcher cannot follow all redirections automatically.


Disable optimizations:

This option disables various performance and bandwidth optimizations during a check. Disabling optimizations will most likely increase the check time. Only turn this option on if a check does not work correctly without that option.


Scroll pages down:

Number of pages that should be scrolled down during a check. Use this option if a page displays information dynamically when the page is scrolled down.



If a page contains content that cannot be monitored with the other methods (eg. content that is displayed with Java), you can try to create a screenshot of that page and compare that screenshot to detect changes. See chapter Check by screenshot for more information.


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