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Ignore error codes from server
Enable this option if a misconfigured server permanently sends an error code for an existing page, for example "404 file not found".


Allow redirection via HTML commands
If a web page is only reachable via HTML redirections, you can enable this option. WebSite-Watcher will download the first page, scan the source code for HTML redirections and check the target page afterwards.
Suppress redirection warnings
If you monitor a page that redirects to another address, WebSite-Watcher always shows "redirection" in the status column. With that option you can suppress this status message.

Checking Method and file type

Checking method
WebSite-Watcher supports several checking methods to monitor a page. The default method is "Automatic" that lets WebSite-Watcher choose the best method automatically, or dependent from the page type a combination of them. Only in special cases you should select another checking method manually.


Dependent from the page type, this method decides automatically which method should be used to check a page. This can also be a combination of the available methods.


This method downloads the entire page and compares the filtered content of the new version with the filtered content of the old version of the page. If differences are found, WebSite-Watcher alerts an update.


This method uses the file date of a page to detect updates. It's dependent from the page type, if a server reports that date. This method is typically used for binary files.


This method works similar to the Check-by-filedate method and uses the file size that is reported by the server. This method should only be used for binary files.


File type
If WebSite-Watcher is not able to detect the file type automatically, you have to select the correct file type manually. If WebSite-Watcher is for example not able to identify an RSS feed, you have to select the file type "rss". A reason for such a situation could be that the server identifies an RSS feed falsely as binary file.


Character set
By default, WebSite-Watcher determines the character set of a page automatically. If neither, the page nor the server log contains any information about the character set, WebSite-Watcher is not able to display the page correctly and you have to choose the codepage manually. See chapter A web page contains only cryptic characters for more information.

Alternative Proxy

If you want to use a separate proxy to check a bookmark, you can select a configured proxy from the list. See also chapter Proxy. This setting is only used for the default checking method, the check technology "Internet Explorer/Browser" and "Internet Explorer Macros" will always use the proxy that is configured in Internet Explorer.