Highlight changes

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Highlight method

Dependent from the page type, WebSite-Watcher supports several methods to highlight text changes.


See chapter Highlight methods for more information.


Highlight changed images
Dependent from the image configuration, WebSite-Watcher can place a border around changed images. This option works only when you download images or use absolute image addresses to display images. Please note that a web page is only marked as updated when a text change has been detected, and not when only an image has been changed!


Watch filter: Highlight only matched results
If you create an ignore filter, then WebSite-Watcher tries to strike out the filtered content. If you create a watch filter, then nothing is striked out by default and WebSite-Watcher highlights all changes in the page. With that option enabled, WebSite-Watcher only highlights the changes that are found within the watch filter and strikes out everything else. Then you'll have the same behavior as in the filter assistant.


See topic How are changed images detected? for more information.


Here you can define color and style of highlighted changes